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Many roofing companies Don't deal with insurance companies, because they Don't understand how to get more money out of the insurance companies. If you do get more money out of insurance companies than most companies do, you better be justified in doing it. Do not ruin it for everyone and offer rebates and discounts and all that other non-sense when doing storm related insurance work. Be honest, be strong and do good work. If I was an insurance company and found roofing companies giving discounts and other nonsense, I would lower what I pay HO?s too and be perfectly in the right. If a roofing company can afford to give a discount to a HO it means that the roofing company was unethical and inflated the invoice, so that the HO didn't have to pay their deductible. When you sign your signature on an insurance contract you are giving ?your word?, that in the event of a claim you will pay your deductible. Otherwise, why would insurance companies put that in their contracts? Now that the foundation has been laid. This is what you need to know to get started. Learn the laws pertaining to insurance policies and how insurance companies are legally obiligated to perform. Also, learn the legal channels to notify legal authorities about insurance companies who Don't comply with the laws. Learn which media sources report on these issues. Once, you know what is legally right and legally wrong. Never waver on what is right, become a persistent annoyance to the insurance company. Most insurance companies will bow down and let the right thing take place. Once, an insurance company folds to the truth it is much harder for them to ever go back to low prices. Find a roofing company who is familiar with this and form a bond, good roofing companies are not our enemies. Points to remember- Not all roofing companies have the same over head. Not all roofing companies pay their labor the same. Not all roofing companies work out of their home. Not all roofing companies do things illegally. Some roofing companies, pay taxes, pay for proper insurance, get the roof inspected. Roofing companies are not all the same, some are apples and some are oranges. Mr. Insurance employee do you know that by following these practices that you are contributing to a corrupt system. You are endangering the financial future of your customers, you are potentI'lly subjecting them to hiring inferior roofing companies, fraudulent roofing companies or even worse you are potentI'lly putting your company in a position to get sued, because if the HO find a roofing company to do the roof for the price you are suggesting, it is unlikely the roofing company has proper insurance. The HO could easily be sued if something goes wrong and that has the potential to fall back on the your insurance company, and your insurance company having to pay out another claim. Don't tell me that hasn?t happen before, because we both know it has. Now Don't make the mistake that I'm an uneducated high school drop out roofer. I understand what you are legally obiligated to pay and do, I will not go away and you can not persuade the HO to take your side, they now too understand what you are legally obiligated to do and pay.
Category: Roofing Post By: KRISTIN COHEN (Virginia Beach, VA), 03/03/2018

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