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Insurance companies will pay for a Nailable roof deck to be installed, like when the bottom layer is cedar shingles over skip sheathing. Since a ?Nailable? deck surface requirement is necessitated, should their be an obligation to do Nail Pull-Out tests to see if the current holding resistance strength will provide the required PSI, which, by the way, is 40 PSI that I discovered in previous research? In this instance, I am now referring to a regular roof with an existing, but structurally weakened sheathing in place. What weight would that required PSI Pull-Out test carry, when the decking has absorbed excessive humidity due to natural aging and a probable minimally vented attic? Regardless that the internal attic humidity levels may have created the conditions to permit the decking to lose its Pull-Out Strength, would It'still not be a reasonable conclusion that when doing the new roof, the decking should meet the proper criteria? Ed
Category: Roofing Post By: Kyle Compton (Orem, UT), 02/17/2018

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