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Hi All, I'm a homeowner who got some good technical info and advice about replacing my roof on this forum, back in 2005-2006. I ended up with an EPDM based roof. I'm hoping to get some more detail and advice about a corner detail of that roof. I've noticed recently that there is accelerated wear on the wood siding below this corner, and after look carefully at the construction of the roof in that corner, I belI've that during heavy rains, there is probably water leaking out below the metal edge but above the EPDM in that corner. The way this roof has been constructed, the EPDM is stretched over a sloping wood cant at the edges and covered with folded metal. At this outside corner, the metal from the two sides meets at a sort of a bevel with a tiny overlap. I can easily stick my finger between the EPDM and the metal. There is just an air pocket there. Theoretically, tapered insulation should draw water away from the corner, but this is corner is on the low side of the roof and the insulation that was installed was cut by the roofing crew rather than Firestone, and It'seems to have little plateaus rather than a smooth slope everywhere. I'm guessing that the cant itself is probably not ideally constructed for this corner and may not have provided any slope for the EPDM to ride up. The roofing crew did rebuild my cant in other sections of the roof where there was tree damage or it was deemed necessary for tapering. I think It's likely they re-used the previously existing wood at this corner, but I'm not really sure about that. A constraining issue of the project was to add insulation without substantI'lly increasing the amount of face metal over the existing siding. I had another flat roof on my house installed by a different company in 2009. On that roof, while they were also using the same type of Firestone metal, they added a layer of EPDM that rides up the metal on the part that faces the roof , so this issue could not arise in with their method of doing edge details. The 2006 roof I am asking about came with a ten year warranty, I?d like to get your collective advice on whether I should: 1) do nothing and live with it 2) do something about this myself ( if so what?) or 3) ask the company that installed the 2006 roof to perform warrantied service or 4) ask the company that installed the 2006 roof to perform non-warrantied service or 5) ask another company to do something.
Category: Roofing Post By: FRANCES PHILLIPS (Henderson, NV), 02/04/2018

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